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The GeniEgg Cognitive Development Eggs

Our GeniEgg Cognitive Development Eggs not only provide hours of fun but also give your children confidence about learning and recognizing different shapes and colors in a fun way!

Each plastic egg comes in a different shape and color when opened. Children restore the eggs to their full size by identifying colors and shapes that match. The cognitively simple geometric shapes simultaneously exercise your baby's hand-eye coordination ability and logical thinking ability.
The shape of these smooth eggs is perfect for little fingers to grasp. They'll be able to stick them together and pull them apart effortlessly.
These interactive eggs will improve hand dexterity, color recognition, and fine motor skills while engaging little minds. Great for 1 2 and 3-year-olds and up.


12 SHAPES EGGS (24 halves) get together to exercise children's hand-eye coordination and recognition skills, and help preschoolers count, sort and match

HIGH-QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP. This Egg Set is a long-lasting, kid-proof toy that will be passed on from child to child. So they can be enjoyed forever!
FUN AND EDUCATIONAL TOY. Designed with different colors and shapes to help train and improve your child's ability to understand shapes and colors while enjoying matching the egg shapes.

CHILD-FRIENDLY DESIGN. The shape of these smooth eggs is perfect for little fingers to grasp. Shaped as big as a real egg so children can't eat it, it avoids the danger of swallowing.