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Shader - Multi-Functional Face Shade

For the most part, while at the beach, you probably want to sit in the sun and tan your body, but you might still want to read or be able to open your eyes to enjoy your surroundings. The Shader is a mini portable shade provider that gives you just enough shade for your head while at the beach. The Shader is portable and perfect way to enjoy the beach without ending up with a face that looks like an old catchers mitt when you're older.

The Shader has an integrated pillow headrest right on the bottom of it. To use it, just lay your head down on the cushion, and pull the edge of the umbrella up over your face. When you're done just fold it back down and be on your way.

Not only great for shading your face, the Shader can also be used to just give some shade to your drinks to prevent them from warming up to quickly while sitting in the sun. Under the head cushion are 6 drink holders that will keep your drinks perfectly stabilized and shaded while out on the sand.

No longer will you need to drape a towel, shirt, or book over your face while at the beach, the Shader will provide you with optimal shade while still being super easy to transport to and from the beach. It also has a cooler-pack insert inside the back of the head cushion and USB fan connect to its power bank to keep you extra cool while in the sun, and has straps that allow you to connect the Shader to your towel to keep it in place.

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There are also other accessories that you can get with the Shader including a solar panel that clips to the side of the umbrella which will allow you to charge your phone while out at the beach. There's even a small pocket on the inside of the face umbrella where you can store your smart phone or other small essentials.

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