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Nail Art Stamper

Professional Nail Art DIY

  • These silicone stamper head is so clear ,no more lining up issues! Seeing through the stamper + perfectly lining up a design is pure Genius!
  • Not only allow you to hit your desired location every time on your nails, but it also save polish thanks to more accurate stamping.
  • You will enjoy the ease and softness/squishy of the silicone head when stamping cause it is so cute and elastic.
  • Suitable for different size image designs, easy and fast for DIY nail art, apply to your nails or other objects.
  • Removable stamper for easy cleaning,Lightly press the stamper when using.

How to use : 
1. Apply base coat or regular polish on nail. 
2. Apply nail polish to desired image within a plate. 
3. Scrape across plate with the Scraper to remove excessive polish. 
4. Quickly press the stamper onto the plate to pick up the design. 
5. Stamp the image onto your nail with a rolling motion or just press down and lift up immediately. 
6. For lasting, apply top coat slightly and quickly.