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Munch Mitt Baby Teething Mitten

Babies who are teething stick their mouths on everything. Well, babies do that anyway, but teething babies want to chew on everything. Growing new teeth must really hurt. The Munch Mitt will help, as It gives them something to wear that they can chew on, rather than putting your remote controls, smart phones, and other household items in their mouth.

They are always putting their hands in their mouth anyway, so this item makes perfect sense. This mitt will make everything just a bit more sanitary. The teething mitt also keeps your baby from scratching themselves and the built-in crinkling sound stimulates their senses (much like a cat). The Munch Mitt can be worn on either your babies left or right hand.

The teething mitten is made of food grade silicone and is BPA free so no worries about it harming your child. The fabric on the mitt is soft and breathable too. The mitt comes in 5 fun colors and is great for children aged 3 to 7 months old.

  • Food Grade Silicone, BPA & Latex Free
  • Prevent blisters from thumb sucking
  • Breathable & Absorb Drools 
  • Bump design specially to self soothe gums
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap 
  • Easy to clean & Machine Washable