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Innovative Rolling Kitchen Knife


This Innovative Rolling Kitchen Knife combines two of the greatest inventions ever made, the knife and the wheel. It features a stainless steel circular blade that allows you to roll the knife back and forth to cut practically anything much faster than while using a normal knife.


It can cut, slice, dice, and mince with a high level of precision a large variety of ingredients such as vegetables, spices, herbs, meats, pizza, sandwiches, desserts, fruit and so on.

Not only does the knife roll, but the metal of the blade is actually able to slide within the plastic grip of the knife so you never have to roll the knife with your wrist but instead the knife makes a continuous roll that makes it much easier on your hand, arm, and wrist.

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Main Features:
  • This rolling knife has a sharp blade that cuts in both directions for increased efficiency. Cut various foods easily and evenly with a simple back and forth roll of the blade.
  • The new innovative circular rolling knife blade is made of premium stainless steel that never rusts, and the handle shell is made from high quality of ABS that is designed for non-slip.
  • Easy to clean by opening the knife and quickly removing the blade which then can be washed with care.
  • The ergonomic design of the patented handle allows you to use minimal force to achieve maximum cutting, avoiding stress and fatigue on your wrist and hand. Comfortable and safe for all your cutting needs.
  • Don't want it to roll while you chop some lettuce? The rolling knife even has a button on the top of it that allows you to apply a brake to the metal blade so it won't spin.

Instructions for use:

  1. For comfort & security, place your hand around the top section of the casing with a secure grip and have thumb resting on thumb rest. Note: For safety, slow down cutting when knife approaches fingers.
  2. To chop, use the trigger/brake: Lift brake upward with forefinger to chop, release for rolling action. Minimal pressure is required. Note:brake keeps blade from freely rotating

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