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Heads Up Driver Display

Use Your Navigation Without Having To Look Down At Your Phone

Discover a new way of using your phone while driving and not being distracted. 


There are 600 million people in the world who get behind the wheel of a car every single day. According to the researchers, approximately 75% of them get distracted while driving — it could be just drinking coffee, talking to a child in the back seat, reaching for the glove compartment, changing a radio station, and so on...  But the worst and most frequent distraction is our phone. 

Let's face it, this is a huge problem that can even result in death. Even though we know that it is unsafe the need is too great. A solution is necessary!  

Who knows... with millions of accidents every year worldwide this simple device could save your life.


Method Of Installation:

1. Clean the dashboard on your car of dust and other particles so that the adhesive can properly stick. 

2. Peel off the protective sticker and apply the sticky adhesive on the bottom of the GPS Display to the dashboard.

3. Place your phone on the anti slip sticky mount and adjust the folding display to show the navigation in your field of vision.

4. Set your destination and go! 

Applications To Use:

Traditional mapping apps will work with the GPS Display, but will not be crystal clear in the sunshine. For this reason, we recommend you use a special HUD Display app. Go to your phones app store (Google Play for Android) and search HUD Display. A couple apps that we enjoy are the Speedometer + HUD, HUD Widgets, or Speedometer Free. (All Applications are Free!)