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Firmly Magnetic USB Cable Plug

Having Troubles to find the charging cables in the dark?
Stepping on the charging cable and all of a sudden the phone falls onto the ground?

These cables will spoil you so you will never go want to go back to a traditional charging cable. Simply plug the end piece into your phone, plug the cable into the charging port and it's DONE! Now they will snap together and hold on firmly. The cable has a blue led light, so it can easily be found in the dark. Say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark! Our Cables are made of a high quality nylon braided wire to ensure long life.


  • The cable has a Blue LED light to be easily located in the dark.
  • Yank Safe - When you accidentally kick on the cable, the magnetic plug will get loose, preventing your phone from falling to the ground with the cable.
  • Strong magnet the cable and the charging port sticks together well
  • The plug is separated from the cable, and the plug is attached to the phone. So you can use the same cable to charge up different phones!
  • Dust-proof plug makes the device ultra long-lasting