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Cat Eyeliner Stencil

Create your favorite eye makeup and eyeliner looks effortlessly with professional results every time, anywhere.

  • Eyeliner stencils is mainly to facilitate draw about eyeliner.
  • Fit for all females who are beauty seekers.
  • It can be applied to home use and professional workers.
  • Material Microsoft, so as to perfectly fit each person's skin, easy to draw eyeliner shaped, cat eye and smokey eye makeup.
  • Its special design will make you look unique. Eyeliner template material is environmentally friendly materials, can be reused.

The original eyeliner stencils and eye makeup stencils created by celebrity makeup artist Beth Bender. Our eyeliner stencils are made in the USA with the highest quality material and are currently used in 129 countries around the world and counting.

Our eyeliner stencils and eye makeup stencils are flexible, easy to use and made to fit any eye shape and eye size. With our eyeliner stencils and eye makeup stencils, creating perfect cat eye makeup, top & bottom liner and sultry smokey eyes can be easily achieved in just a few simple steps.