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Car Scratch Repair Pen


Quick fix scratches on your car with our Car Scratch Repair Pen

Don’t spend fortune on re-painting your car parts due to scratches. Our Car Scratch Repair Pen will allow you to quickly fix those scratches and bring an amazing look to your car in no time! All you need to do is to draw over the scratched area. You’ll see them disappear immediately in front of your eyes. This magical product is a must have tool for everyone who loves his/ her car!

Pen Colors

Product Features

  • Small and portable. The small size will help you to carry it with yourself wherever you go. You can keep it in your car and use it whenever you need it;
  • Fixes scratches very fast. You draw this Car Scratch Repair Pen over the damaged areas and see them disappearing instantly;
  • Non-toxic. It is safe for your health;
  • Permanent. Once scratches are fixed, that is permanent. You don’t need to re-paint that area after some period of time;
  • Water resistant. The paint added by the pen will remain on your car no matter how many times you wash your car;
  • Universal. Can go with any car;

car scratch repair pen before & after

Car Scratch Repair Pen Specification and Package Details

  • Product size: 115 x 17mm (4.53″ x 0.67″);
  • Ingredients: Pigment, Solvent;
  • External Material: Plastic;
  • Paint Color: Black, White, Silver, Red;
  • Capacity: 12 ml;
  • Repair Area: 0.08 sqm;

Important Notes

  • Keep away from children;
  • Keep away from fire;
  • Keep it upward once used;
  • It dries quite fast. Tighten the cap after using the Car Scratch Repair Pen;